“In the 21st century, thin equals success: posh clothes shops don’t make big sizes; rich footballers marry skinny birds. And fat is no longer just a feminine issue. These days men, worried about the moobs, are every bit as likely to refuse the bread at lunch as their wives. The days of the porky chief executive with his “chauffeur chub” and long lunches are gone; these days moguls are lean, mean and up at 6am to work out with their personal trainers. It is the poor, with their takeaway buckets of fried chicken and cheap processed stodge, who are fat.”


I completely agree with this article I found online. Even two years later, this is still a problem. I was shocked when I first saw this Kate Moss quote, and it still echoes today. The constant need to be skinny is EVERY girl/woman’s problem. More and more brands are slowly hiring ‘plus size models’ but I don’t think that will end eating disorders.


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