Today I started to plan out my final piece using a scrap piece of wallpaper. Using photocopies and various colour pens I mapped out my plans and ideas. I really enjoyed planning my idea out because I’ve never designed this way before and I feel I benefited from it. Next I started the making part and I decided the easiest way to go about this was to make each piece individually and then later place them all together. I thought this would be a long process but I seem to be getting through it well. I’ve finished the nuno-felting and bondaweb parts, which I’m really happy with so far. I feel I’m progressing with this final piece and I’m really enjoying planning and making each piece.

Continuing with my final piece I carried on making the individual pieces of my design. Today I started with the tyvek and free machine embroidery samples. There wasn’t much to do with the tyvek except painting it and manipulating it, which I thought was quite an easy task. Next I moved onto my free machine embroidery samples, I created these using various threads, dissolvable fabric and an embroidery hoop. I’m happy with the individual pieces I created today; they’re so textured and layered. They’re detailed and will work beautifully with all the other pieces I’ve produced.

Today I finished my final piece. I used heavyweight calico to attach all my individual pieces to.  My idea was to overlap these pieces, let them hang over the edge and created an overall layered and textured design. But something is wrong. I think something is missing but I don’t know what. I feel like I need some tutorial guidance to point me in the right direction because I don’t want to end up ‘ruining’ my final piece.

After confrontation with my tutor about my final design I decided to add a bit of embellishment to add the finishing touches to my final piece. I did this by adding beads, wire and various threads. I found these embellishments relevant to my design because they all link to my design in one-way or another. Wire because of my wire sculpture. Various orange threads which link to the colours of my object (the decorative ball ornament) and beads with link to my brooches. After attaching these embellishments to my design I feel it is complete. I am really happy with my final piece and all I have left to do is to staple it to a thin board ready to be mounted. I’m nervous about having it mounted to a wall because I’ve never displayed my work to such a high level before but it is exciting and I look forward to seeing my final design in an exhibition for the first time.


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