For this project the three objects I have chosen are; a wire sculpture I made of myself, my mother’s decorate ball ornament and a set of three brooches that my grandmother left me before she passed away. What I like about my chosen objects is that they’re decorative, surface textured and they link three of my family’s generations together.

In my sketchbook I started to record these surface textures using various media and on assorted papers. I also used a lot of the drawing techniques I learnt last term such as continuous line drawings and timed drawings. I feel my drawing skills have improved greatly since last term because they are a lot more detailed and I feel I’ve been able to take more from these drawings to transfer into the workshops. I really enjoyed all of the workshops this term particularly stitch. I learnt so much in each of them and as a result, I’ve produced four really inspirational files all inspired and linked to my chosen objects.

My final piece focuses on the three of my chosen objects together in a collective order of three generations. My final outcome is a mixed media wall piece, incorporating pieces of; tyvek, bondaweb, nuno-felt and free machine embroidery. I’m really content with the textures I’ve individually created and how well they all blend together. I’ve learnt a lot this term and really pushed the boundaries.


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