Stitch workshop continued; bondaweb. Today We were also introduced to a new material, one I have never heard of before and is known to be used in buildings and crime scenes. This material is called TYVEK. It looks a lot like paper and I enjoyed using the heat gun to manipulate this material by burning it/melting it/putting holes in it and shrinking it. I went further with my manipulation by stitching over it with the sewing machine and painting on it. This made my samples look a lot more professional and creative. I really enjoyed experimenting with this material and enjoyed mixing it up by adding fabric.

Today in stitch I started to plan out ideas to make a 3D object. I decided to use one of the brooches as my chosen design. I decided to make a pillow design using plain fabric as a practice run. This was definitely a challenge but I think I got through it in the end. I made the pillow design in three parts; front/back/rim. I found this task very tricky and I think I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone. The finished item, if you can call it finished wasn’t up to my standards. I found it badly put together, odd in some parts and definitely to a finished item. However, I feel I can learn from this in many ways because I know what I have done wrong so from this I know how to make it right. Next time I will make the pillow design in two parts instead of three and I will use my invisible marker pen to help me cut closer to my pattern design.


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