FELT WORKSHOP; 28/01/2011

Goodbye paper and hello felt! I’ve done felt 10000 times before and can practically do it in my sleep so I’ve been looking forward to this. I made range of samples using various colours and layering techniques. I also made some felt balls. I’d like to see what I could do with the idea of 3D felt, which could be very interesting!

Felt workshop continued with further experimentation including 3D felt and more advanced samples of felt such as nuno felting. I really enjoyed this workshop- I felt I developed my skills greatly and definitely benefited from this workshop.
Three reasons why I liked nuno felting;
It isn’t much different to normal felting but develops a different effect.
I find it a lot easier to control in the sense of adding various colours and layers.
Unlike normal felt, you can use a minimum of one layer and still achieve a creative outcome.


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