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February 24, 2011

Monday 21st February 2011- PRINT

I was looking forward to start the print workshop because I had so much fun last term. Today we started screen printing, I tried this briefly last term and loved the technique but this term we’d be taking it further by not just painting images onto a screen but putting an image onto the screen to create a collection of bold prints. I really enjoyed todays workshop, although there was a lot of waiting around for screens to dry, I ended up with a lovely collection of prints. The design on my print was based on one of my drawings (the decorative ball, simplified and bold) repeated and reversed. I printed in black ink first not only to keep things basic but I believe black as a colour stands out best and grabs attention. I printed onto a variety of papers and fabrics to see which works better than others. I also printed in yellow because I found this colour relevant to the image I was printing. I’d like to take this screen-printing further by using another image to add to my collection of samples.

February 24, 2011

Monday 14th February to Friday 18th February 2011


February 24, 2011


Stitch workshop continued; bondaweb. Today We were also introduced to a new material, one I have never heard of before and is known to be used in buildings and crime scenes. This material is called TYVEK. It looks a lot like paper and I enjoyed using the heat gun to manipulate this material by burning it/melting it/putting holes in it and shrinking it. I went further with my manipulation by stitching over it with the sewing machine and painting on it. This made my samples look a lot more professional and creative. I really enjoyed experimenting with this material and enjoyed mixing it up by adding fabric.

Today in stitch I started to plan out ideas to make a 3D object. I decided to use one of the brooches as my chosen design. I decided to make a pillow design using plain fabric as a practice run. This was definitely a challenge but I think I got through it in the end. I made the pillow design in three parts; front/back/rim. I found this task very tricky and I think I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone. The finished item, if you can call it finished wasn’t up to my standards. I found it badly put together, odd in some parts and definitely to a finished item. However, I feel I can learn from this in many ways because I know what I have done wrong so from this I know how to make it right. Next time I will make the pillow design in two parts instead of three and I will use my invisible marker pen to help me cut closer to my pattern design.

February 24, 2011

FELT WORKSHOP; 28/01/2011

Goodbye paper and hello felt! I’ve done felt 10000 times before and can practically do it in my sleep so I’ve been looking forward to this. I made range of samples using various colours and layering techniques. I also made some felt balls. I’d like to see what I could do with the idea of 3D felt, which could be very interesting!

Felt workshop continued with further experimentation including 3D felt and more advanced samples of felt such as nuno felting. I really enjoyed this workshop- I felt I developed my skills greatly and definitely benefited from this workshop.
Three reasons why I liked nuno felting;
It isn’t much different to normal felting but develops a different effect.
I find it a lot easier to control in the sense of adding various colours and layers.
Unlike normal felt, you can use a minimum of one layer and still achieve a creative outcome.

February 24, 2011

20/01/2011- ‘ROUTES’

Our class was invited to a preview of ‘Routes’ a Contemporary Textile Practice Exhibition at the Orial Canfas Gallery. It was such a good experience, to see what the third years had produced and to what standard their work was at. Each piece was totally unique and beautiful. My favourite piece was ‘Golden Little Stars’ by Holly Flye.

February 24, 2011

Monday 17th January 2011

First day back in university after a month off and straight back into the workshops. I was looking forward to papermaking because not only have I done it before but also I look forward to creating samples linking to my ‘three objects’. The brief for this term is based on three objects of my choice, my three objects are; a wire model of myself made by myself, a decorative ball belonging to my mother and a set of brooches that my Grandmother left me before she passed away. In the workshop I tried to focus my inspiration on these objects. I did this by following the obvious colour schemes; oranges/yellows for the decorative ball, neutrals for the wire model and light pastel colours for the brooches. This worked to my advantage but to improve these samples I decided to sew over some samples either to add effect or to add the element of one of my objects. Overall I got a lot of work done in this workshop, a productive day back in the city Cardiff. It’s good to be back.

February 24, 2011

15/12/2010 to 17/01/2011 (CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS)

February 24, 2011


TEX104 Theoretical studies presentation on my chosen object. I was really nervous about this presentation because it was a lot more formal compared to previous one I had yesterday. I honestly think my nerves got the better of me today because I could barely get my words out but I got through it somehow and hopefully did the best I could do.

February 24, 2011


Oral presentation in groups of five showing all final samples. I found this presentation experience really relaxed which helped settle my nerves. I enjoyed looking at other peoples work and seeing what they had done within the workshops. I realized today that everyone has his or her own style of working and presenting. I enjoyed showing people my work, hopefully they could see all the hard work and effort I put into it. I hope my six final samples show how creative I am and also show how high a standard i set myself in presenting.

February 24, 2011


Today at 5PM is the deadline for my project which includes handing in all samples, all files and my sketchbooks.
I made the deadline, a few hours early and felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulder. Tomorrow I have my first of two presentations on all of the work I’ve produced this term, I’m nervous but looking forward to seeing other peoples works.