Skin, by Natasha Mayo (task write-up)

For a new post this is a very delayed post seeing as the task is over a month old (I’ve already done it in my reflective journal but thought it would be relevant to put in my blog).

Task: Look for atleast three different properties of ‘skin’ in either the practice of textiles or ceramics and discuss in what ways they achieve this connection.

1. Muslin

It’s such a thin and breathable fabric. I think these properties are directly linked to skin. Skin is always soft and movable, like muslin. It can be dyed to create shadows and coloured pigments of the skin. Various stitches could also be added to create textures of the skin.

2. Muslin dipped into slip

As already stated above, muslin dipped into slip only adds to the connection with skin. I tried this technique back when I was college and it worked beautifully. Mixing muslin with slip makes it easier to work with and chance to shape it into any desired form.

3. Porcelain

This clay type connects with the properties of skin better than any other clay. Porcelain is such a rich material to work with but it’s also smooth, easy to work with and can easily be textured. I also like the fact that it’s white, this makes it easy to colour/glaze afterwards and white enables forms to create shadows and tones making the idea of skin a lot more realistic.


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