Final workshop; Dye & Print

Yesterday was my first time in the Dye & Print workshop and I really enjoyed! It started off easy with proceian dyes and papers. I’ve worked with dyes before but only briefly so I feel quite new to this but I hope to give it my all. Using a variety of papers I mixed colours and created textures using candle wax as a resist, clingfilm, batik and salt. I really liked using candle wax because it allowed me to draw images from sketchbook and create interesting textures. I only worked with fabric once today and this was when I created a screenprint. I drew an image of a tree from my sketchbook using browns and greens and yellows. The image was strong, effective and once printed I was really happy with it. I’m looking forward to friday’s lecture which will consist of shibori, hot water dyes, heat transfer & tie-dye!


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