Book Review; The art of embroidery

The art of embroidery
Inspirational stitches, textures and surfaces
Thames and Hudson

The cover of this book is stylish, inviting and generally easy on the eye. The cover illustrations on the book clearly indicate what the book is about, embroidery. The pages of the book are set out spaciously, the font is simple and easy to read also I’d say there are more photographs than text in the book.
The book basically teaches the reader how to learn embroidery from basic stitches to really complicated ones. I think any textiles student like myself would find this book more than useful and definately inspiring.
After reading this book, I’ve learnt a lot and I feel that I have improved my knowledge of both embroidery and hand stitches. While reading the book I felt I had to follow the step by step stitch guide and try out the range of stitches. I didnt find this book off putting at all, infact it kept me interested throughout and I’d like to purchase my own copy. “If I had to stick a postit on my favourite pages then I’d probably run out of postits!”.


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